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    Product_NO Name Picture Check it Description Size Grade
    52364 Ring 36.2X18X25mm radial 4 poles Price View
    permanent ceramic magnet, ring shape, Y30H, C8, OD36.2 -0.02 /-0.05 X ID18 +0.2 /-0.0 X 25 +0.0/-0.5mm, radially magnetized through diameter 36.2mm with 4 poles. 36.2X18X25mm A,C8,Y30BH
    54000 Title magnet for motor Price View
    segment magnet, tile magnet 39X21mm 39X21mm A,C8,Y30BH
    54001 Title magnet 40X25 for motor Price View
    segment magnet, R55.4 +0.3 X r 48.9 X W40X H25mm 40X25mm A,C8,Y30BH

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